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The following are possibly the most common ones in the market today. The use of a film and soundtrack is very popular. In its flavor, it offers color, movement, the ability to demonstrate, quality speech and music. Its overall package is highly polished, memorable aid, shown to audiences in any event no matter how many can attend as long as the venue can accommodate the number of the crowd. Films also stand alone and dominate the program because they do not allow a two-way communication to happen between you and your audience. Videos in many respect offer similar advantages and disadvantages to a film, especially those that are made specifically for your company to use and other events. The key difference is that many ready-made videos are purchased by conference organizers to show during training sessions. It is important that the content may not have the same themes, messages, and emphasis in the conference, which may confuse the audience. Many are not familiar with slides that have a running sound commentary. They may be presented to a big number of audiences. Other advantages of using slides may mean the ?perfect? speech can be heard without any disturbances like coughing, hesitations, and errors. This is a good method but the inevitable drawback that it is so difficult to synchronize the audio and visual elements. Sometimes they create embarrassing results, which may reflect badly on your professionalism as a speaker. These equipments can help you to put across the message clearer and better. It is much easier to show charts of statistics on a slide than reading out every figure. It also enables you to save time. They can also add a variety to long speeches, which can maintain interest and enthusiasm, and increase the possibility that your audiences will absorb and retain a message longer in their minds. 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