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FF?Primary keyword: Handling, Tools, Public, Speaking Secondary keyword: old-fashioned, blackboards, press, events, training, trades, delegates, amateur, cheap, flipcharts, handouts, colorful, pictures Page title: Handling the Right Tools in Public Speaking Sub title: Right Tools in Public Speaking In public speaking, speakers as well as the audience would like to use tools in conference programs, conducting presentations, leading discussions, and other events that require public speaking. Thus, you should consider using visual aids and audio visual aids in an event and be aware on how to make the most out of the tools you are going to use. It can enhance you or may ruin the presentation. Therefore, it needs to be treated with respect and care so that it will have a positive impact to your audience. There are many kinds of visual aids to choose from, which are used regularly in different types of public speaking sessions. The product displays could be one way to present the item that you are talking about in promotional events, press, trades, or training events to support and substantiate your message. Flip charts are used today than the old-fashioned blackboards. They are not expensive, informal, and can be well suited in transferring detailed information to smaller groups of delegates who can sit close enough to see what is written or displayed in front of them. However, their informality and intimate nature means that they are less suitable for more formal and larger events where they often appear to be cheap and amateur. Overhead projectors are similar in many respects to flipcharts. They are easy to use, unpretentious, and could be ideal is transferring data to smaller numbers of in-house delegates, but they are unsuitable for big numbers of outsiders who may expect a rather more up market, hi-tech presentations. Slides have vivid and colorful pictures. These usually convey a professional and polished image of the firm and its goods and services to internal and external audiences. As their sizes may be varied on the screen, you may present in many audiences, certainly far more than flipcharts and overhead projectors. Speakers in a public speaking too often disregard handouts. Handouts may summarize the key points of the speech and presentation that can create a positive outlook on public speaking. You may not spend much because handouts may not cost that much. They are also easy to print and can provide the audience a detailed information of what you are discussing. 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