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To make your choice, you should analyze your requirements, look at locations, study the venue, and pay visit to some listings of previous venues that you have delivered a public speaking. This will help you choose the perfect venue to do the public speaking. Evidently, each public speaking is distinct, with its own particular mix of features distinguishing it from other ones that were held. Therefore, the public speaking organizers all have different needs when selecting a venue. This could account for the diversity of venues that may be available nowadays from hotels, universities, and cruises. Consider this point before compiling your own individual set of requirements. Always be aware of the type of the public speaking theme you are going to deliver. You have to set some appropriate criteria. For example, an incentive event ought to be held somewhere unusual such as in a castle, or in a town or city that your audience have not been to, and which they would have consider to be enjoyable to visit. You have to remain conscious of what you want to achieve from this public speaking. Your venue must help you fulfill your set goals. It may be easier to put over and absorb detailed and complex information in a quiet, academic, environment than a lively and distracting one, such as on board of a cruise. Likewise, be familiar with your overall budget, and how it has been allocated. You must not book a venue, which are not within your finances. This is one factor that s usually ignored by public speakers and event organizers forcing themselves to cut their expenditures on others. Think about how far the public speaking can be held from your head office. Also, consider where the participants are coming from. Then you must identify those towns or cities that are likely to be acceptable to everyone. You must consider these very important factors in choosing the perfect venue. 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